Now and Some Date Uncertain

One of GM’s favorite TV shows is Archer, a cartoon spy farce. If you haven’t watched it, GM envies you, because you get to watch it all for the first time.

Anyway, GM was rewatching an old episode the other day, and he noticed that it has a scene with a photo from the graduation day of the main character, Sterling Archer. It never explicitly states that Archer is a Georgetown grad, but this photo makes it clear he’s a Hoya. Perhaps one of the writers or producers went to Georgetown?

Fans of the show might get why GM wrote “Date Uncertain” above. While much of the plot would seem to locate the show vaguely in the 1960s, the characters also have cell phones, among other anachronisms.

Anyway, go watch Archer, whether you’ve never seen it before or not. It’s always great for a laugh.


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