New Bikeshare Station Coming, and Hopefully More

A new Capital Bikeshare station will soon be installed on K St. And hopefully more will be on the way too.

The new location will be at 31st and K. You may ask: why are they installing one so close to another station at 30th and K? Good question! It has several answers. First, it creates redundancy, which is useful for a location like the Georgetown waterfront, which is so popular. It also puts the station closer to the actual park. Also, it’s just an easier location to put the station since there is so much space on that particular stretch of K St..

This is hopefully not the last expansion we’ll see in Georgetown in the near future. A gaping hole in the current network of stations exists on the west end of M St. Right now if people want to bike to or from Rosslyn, they need to pick up a bike all the way over by Wisconsin, and then travel through some of the most dangerous blocks in the city for bicycles.

Having a station near the Key Bridge would change that equation and encourage more biking between Georgetown and Rosslyn. It would also take some less experienced riders off the stretch of M St. east of the station, which would be good.

GM understands, however, that locating the station on M St. or its immediately adjoining sidewalks is not possible. The only location that would work is along the south end of Potomac St. This would require taking a few spots of parking away, which always raises some hackles. But given the fact that bikeshare stations in Georgetown get used by hundreds of people a day, and parking spots get used by about a dozen at most, it is a fair trade.

There is also hope of stations near Rose Park and along Reservoir near the university. GM is not sure, however, whether those are in the offing soon or not.



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2 responses to “New Bikeshare Station Coming, and Hopefully More

  1. I have asked and even given statistics to justify why we need a station at Rose Park or one near 28th and Q. So far no luck. Keeping my fingers crossed. I will keep fighting for it. – Monica Roache’ ANC2E07 Commissioner

  2. Another Waterfront station is fine, but there are huge gaps in the system north of M Street (even accounting for the Healy Gates and CVS stations). Rose Park, Reservoir/R, Burleith. And it would be great to see GU work with the District to “co-sponsor” a couple of stations on campus–particularly the north side, the Southwest Quad, and Prospect Street (near the Car Barn)?

    Currently, stations in the neighborhood behave like a commercial/tourist neighborhood, but that’s mostly because most residences don’t have stations within 1/4 mile, while the commercial/retail portions are stocked.

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