Improving Georgetown’s Gateways

Photo by MEB.

While most of the attention around the Georgetown 2028 project was focused on splashy items like the gondola or renovating the canal, the report called for many other smaller projects to improve the neighborhood. One of the action items involved improving the “gateways” to Georgetown. And the BID is now moving to address that goal.

The issue is over whether when a visitor arrives to Georgetown whether they even realize it. Depending on the way you approach Georgetown, you might not have any visual cue that you’ve arrived. For the main thoroughfares, like M St. or Wisconsin Ave., at least, the BID would like the transition to announce itself more.

How to do that is the question. And next week the BID is holding its first public session to survey for suggestions. The meeting will be held at the Georgetown Library next Wednesday at 6:00 pm. Here’s what the BID had to say in its public invite:

If you aren’t familiar, the Georgetown Gateways project was developed through the BID’s Georgetown 2028 planning process. The goal is to enhance the major entry points into the Georgetown commercial district in a way that creates a sense of arrival for visitors, a sense of return for residents and employees, and is appropriate for the character of Georgetown. Those sites are K Street, M Street, Pennsylvania Avenue, Key Bridge, and Wisconsin Avenue. The BID selected the Georgetown architecture firm Beyer Blinder Belle to create the design plan for these gateways. You can read more about the Gateways project here.
The public meeting is intended to introduce the project more broadly and solicit experiences and ideas of each gateway site. We have created a Gateways Committee with residential, business, and government representatives to work with Beyer Blinder Belle on the designs, but want to give others an opportunity to participate early in the process.
Personally, GM would like to take this opportunity to introduce historic signage. It would be a subtle but noticeable way to distinguish the historic district. Here’s what GM mocked up a few years back:
Surely you have other ideas, so please bring them out to the meeting next week!
For some additional information, here is where the consultants have identified as the “gateways”:
Georgetown Gateways Map BBB


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2 responses to “Improving Georgetown’s Gateways

  1. kerlin4321

    What day next week and where – The Peabody Room? I could not find this meeting mentioned on the BID website.

  2. Topher

    Oops, sorry. I’ll update

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