Grace Episcopal Celebrates 150 Years

This Saturday, May 6th, Grace Episcopal, on Wisconsin Ave., will be celebrating its 150th year with a party open to the public. It will be from 2 – 5 pm.

There will be music, food from Dog Tag Bakery, games for kids, and an appearance by the Mayor.

Grace Episcopal grew out of two of the other Episcopal churches in Georgetown, Christ Church and St. John’s. Specifically, according to the church’s history:

Two major Episcopal parishes, St. John’s Georgetown and Christ Church Georgetown predated Grace Parish. The custom of the day financed the church by the payment of “pew rents” which residents below the canal could not afford to pay. Yet both parishes felt an obligation to serve that community, and each contributed to a mission church, initially held in private homes, ultimately in a small wooden chapel which stood in the southwest corner of the present churchyard.

By the early 1850’s three vestrymen of Christ Church founded the chapel, with services held by lay members and volunteer students from Virginia Theological Seminary. Only after the end of the Civil War, through the generosity of Christ Church member H.D. Cooke was the present Grace Church built.

Throughout much of its history, given its location among the factories and quays of Georgetown, Grace Church ministered primarily to the poor and working class members of the community. And although those factories have either been torn down or converted to multi-million dollar condos, the church is still strongly focused on the neediest. It is the home of Georgetown Ministry Center, which provides critical services to Georgetown’s homeless community.

So come on out and celebrate 150 years!


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