Starbucks to Take Over Cellar Door Building

DC Urban Turf is reporting that a new tenant has been found for the historic Cellar Door building at 34th and M St.: Starbucks.

This will return Georgetown’s Starbucks total back up to four, which is where it stood until 2008. That year the Starbucks that once stood at 33rd and M St. was closed after a flood. After remaining closed for months the store was officially shut down as part of widespread store closures by the company.

That former space became the second location for Georgetown Cupcake. Ironically, GM has long believed that the cupcakery should have moved into the Cellar Door building instead. It’s a much less ugly building than the 1960s building they currently occupy. Plus it has much more interior space so more of the tourists would actually be able to get a seat.

They didn’t and a Delaware sandwich shop moved in instead. It failed not long after and the space has sat empty for a while now.

The fourth Georgetown Starbucks returns to a much changed Georgetown coffee landscape. When the 33rd St. street shop closed, there were few non-Starbucks shops primarily selling coffee. Now there are (or will soon be) a bevy of high-end coffee shops within blocks of this new Starbucks. We’ll see if it can compete.

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