Active Year in Openings and Closings

GM finally did his annual survey of stores this past weekend. And the initial tally (before double checking) would suggest a decently active year in terms of openings and closings.

According to these preliminary numbers there were 36 store openings in Georgetown last year, with 30 closings (and 6 store moves). Last year he counted only 23 openings and 25 closures.

GM should note that last year he counted in April, not June. And last year’s survey only covered 10 months, whereas-due to GM’s tardiness-this year’s covers 14 months. If you normalize the numbers to 12 months it would be 27.6 openings and 30 closures for 2016 vs. 31.0 openings and 25.7 closures. So that makes this year only slightly more active than last year.

GM is still quality checking the numbers and crunching them, so he’ll report more later this week.


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