Now and a Long Time Ago: Grace Street

This week for now and a long time ago, GM returns to the Wymer Map collection for a great shot of Grace St.

Much hasn’t changed between the 1940s and today. The buildings along the right appear almost all the same. However, the building that currently holds the Patagonia was actually built in the 70s, and it appears there was another building immediately to the west that no longer exists.

The building that now houses Chaia tacos was at the time of the older photo occupied by G. Morris Steinbraker & Sons. In fact, they built the building in 1945, only a few years before the photo was taken. This family-owned contractor incredibly continued to use this building as a woodworking shop until a few years ago.

The family still owns the building and is renting it to the restaurant.

The left side of the photo, however is obviously a lot different. There was a brick and wood building that appears to have been residential. Historic aerial photos suggest that it came down in the 50s or 60s and has been a surface parking lot ever since.

About halfway down Grace st., there’s a sign that says “Junk”. That is for the Colonial Junk Company:

In 1960, they were nabbed for buying hot lead:

It doesn’t seem the junk yard lasted too much longer. It was certainly gone by 1986 when the current multi-use building was constructed.

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