The Georgetown Metropolis

1300 block of 33rd St.


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3 responses to “The Georgetown Metropolis

  1. Regarding this beautiful lintel above the entrance of 1301 33rd Street, NW.

    Who was CORA?

    Cora M. Lutz was the only daughter of Samuel S. Lutz (1852-1917) who was the owner of this small apartment building constructed in 1903. Cora, who was was born at the Lutz’s home in Leesburg, VA, was 19-years-old at that time.

    On November 12, 1910 Miss Lutz married John R. H. Alexander in Leesburg. Information on their burial site may be viewed at

    If you happen to be in front of 1301 on Halloween night, please stop and sing “Happy Birthday” to Cora as she will be 133-years-old!

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    So lovely ; I always wondered who she was.

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