Crane Rises Over M St.

The proliferation of tall construction cranes across DC has become the shorthand way to describe the wild development that is spreading to each corner of the city. That symbol now stands along M St. in Georgetown.

This is the first time such a large crane has been used in Georgetown, at least in GM’s memory (a similar crane was used with the Duke Ellington School, but that’s technically Burleith). And the visual impact is actually quite jarring.

The crane is being used for the construction of the replacement for the long-shuttered Latham Hotel. That construction will (sadly in GM’s view) look like this:

The old Latham Hotel facade was not historic. The property had been a gas station in the mid 20th century. So losing it is not the loss of genuine historic fabric. But it looked historic. At least enough to blend in. This doesn’t. Will having such a clearly modern building “break the fourth wall” created by the historic buildings around it? We’ll see.

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