Georgetown Time Machine: Southwest Corner

This week for Georgetown Time Machine, GM shifts over to the southwest corner of Georgetown. Specifically, the photo above is an aerial photo looking down at where Canal Rd. and Foxhall Rd. merge.

Dating this photo is remarkably easy since the date is in the upper left corner. It’s April 3, 1963. It was a Wednesday.

Some fun things upon closer inspection:

The B&O Freight railroad was still running, so where today the Capital Crescent Trail is, the railroad tracks were:

There’s a small boathouse structure on the water. GM’s not sure what it is. It’s up river from where the Washington Canoe Club was (and is).

Speaking of railroad tracks, the Glen Echo trolley tracks were still around. The cars had last traveled them only 15 months earlier:

You can’t see it in the photo, but just below the shot would have been a view of the tracks crossing above the gorge where cars would drive up to the campus. The larger west abutment of that bridge is still there and is what is prominently painted “HOYA SAXA”.

The most obvious change this photo reflects is the giant parking lot on GU’s campus:

For comparison’s sake, this is what this exact same view now look like:

Pretty nice now, although GM would still rather the streetcar still be around.


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