Light Up Key Bridge?

The historic Francis Scott Key Bridge is undergoing a significant restoration process. It is essential for the long term survival of this 1923-built landmark for this work to be done. But at the same time, the city is contemplating adding architectural lighting to the bridge. You now have a chance to weigh in on that.

Since the bridge is a protected landmark and the project involved federal money, the city needs to go through the Section 106 process. And part of that process is a public meeting at the Georgetown library on September 27th, 6-8 pm.

So what is being contemplated? The proposal–which first surfaced in the Georgetown 2028 report–would call for upward facing spotlights near the base of the bridge.

Right now at night the bridge below the top is completely dark. Of course the ambient light around means it’s not pitch dark, but the details are certainly obscured.

Architectural lighting of bridges can turn subdued sights like the Key Bridge at night into dramatic panoramas.

Here are some examples:

With today’s modern LED lights, you can get really creative with these lighting schemes. Imagine the Key Bridge acting like the Empire State Building, lighting up in different colors each night to mark a different occasion.

Or it could just be kept simply white lights. Either way.

The Key Bridge has such a dramatic and attractive shape, it really is a shame to let it sit in the dark all night long. In GM’s opinion this is a worthwhile idea. What do you think?



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3 responses to “Light Up Key Bridge?

  1. There will be a small exhibit of Key Bridge special collection materials from the Peabody Room on the third floor of the Georgetown Branch Library for attendees of the September 27th meeting to view that day from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

  2. I like the idea of lighting it, but I’d probably stick with white (or maybe blue).

    Unless they want to match the colors of the Scarlet sculpture at Washington Harbour? (ducks)

  3. Robert V. Huffman

    So whatever happened to the lighting idea? I think it would be really beautiful! As a side note, would like to know why the concrete barriers up top weren’t renovated with something more artistic! Thanks all!

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