Skaters Take Over Preppy Hangout

Like some mall food court from the 1990s, a storefront on M St. has been abandoned by preppies and will soon be taken over by skater kids. Specifically, 3239 M St., which was previously occupied by Gant, will soon host a Vans store.

Gant, as you may not know, is a spectacularly overpriced store that sells blandly preppy clothes. It was a big deal back in the 80s, but has stumbled along ever since.

Vans also were big in the 80s. And the 90s. And pretty much ever since. They are the preferred footwear of those who would wear Chuck Taylor’s but prefer a most west coast vibe. The classic checkerboard Van’s are Jeff Spicoli and NOFX all wrapped up in some canvas and rubber.

Now the real question is whether the Van’s store is going to get into a fight with the Dr. Martin’s store.




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2 responses to “Skaters Take Over Preppy Hangout

  1. Topher, Gant was a big deal in the 1960’s

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