What to Look Forward to Around Georgetown this Year

Sitting there, staring at the ever falling mercury, you’re probably really looking forward to spring. And you should! But GM wants to take today to consider what other things we can look forward to around Georgetown this coming year. Here they are:

Dumbarton Oaks Gardens Reopen

While we were able to walk around Dumbarton Oaks’ gardens through the springtime last year, since the beginning of summer the gates have been closed to the public. The gardens are undergoing a significant and long overdue modernization. As they explained last year:

The time has now come to undertake large-scale improvements to the garden’s water supply network, which dates to the garden’s original creation in the 1930’s. We are therefore obliged to close the gardens to the public from July 10, 2017 to March 15, 2018.

If they are still on schedule, the March 15th opening will be just in time to enjoy the spring fireworks (although it may miss the peak of the forsythia, which depending on the spring can happen before then). There really is no more beautiful spot in DC in springtime than Dumbarton Oaks, and this year we’ll be able to enjoy the summer and fall there again.

Canal to Get Water Again

The work on the canal lock at 30th St. is scheduled to be completed this year. Once it does, the water will be allowed to refill the canal once more.

In a small way this will be a shame, since the dry canal has actually turned into quite an ecosystem. (Although don’t mention the word “wetland”, because if it turns into that, due to EPA regulations they could be prevented from refilling it, or at the very least it would become a much more administrative burdensome task to accomplish).Reverie to Open

Famed Minibar-vet Johnny Spero is opening a highly anticipated restaurant on the so-hot-right-now Grace St called Reverie.

The restaurant was originally supposed to open last summer, but inevitable delays hit. Moreover, with all the recent development on the block, the nearby residents are getting a bit wary. As a result, the negotiations over a settlement agreement took a bit of time. But that has been, well, settled and the restaurant should be open this year.

It’s too early–and frankly unjustified–to talk about a restaurant renaissance in Georgetown. But if Reverie lives up to the hype, it would join Fiola Mare, Chez Billy Sud and the Sovereign as genuine destination restaurants in a city with far more destinations to compete with than in Georgetown’s more illustrious past.

Amazon Books

GM estimates that the new Amazon bookstore will open early this year. Ideally this will create a new “third-place” to replace some of the ones the neighborhood has lost over the last couple years (such as the Barnes and Noble right next door).

For what it’s worth, GM will still be checking Bridge St. Books first…

Odds and Ends

A few more things that could happen in Georgetown this year, but that aren’t exactly exciting:

  • Wawa could open
  • The new building replacing the old Latham hotel will take more shape. Its modern appearance may turn off some.
  • Hopefully the Georgetown Theater will get a tenant! It has so much potential and could really set the tone for the whole block.

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  1. Regarding the re-filling of the canal, the 31st Bridge is scheduled to be replaced, and construction of the new bridge could interfere with the timetable for filling the canal. The canal itself is clearly a navigable water of the United States, and re-filling the canal would not require a Federal permit. The Park Service has regularly drained the canal over the winter prior to the reconstruction of the locks.

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