ANC Preview: Whadya Want?

The Georgetown ANC will meet next Monday for its February meeting. Here’s what interesting on the agenda:

The Georgetown BID will be discussing the results of a survey it conducted on the things that Georgetowners would like to see in the neighborhood. Not surprisingly the survey found that residents want better restaurants, but also cheap restaurants, and a nice grocery store, plus a hardware store. Will any of these things actually come to pass? Who knows, but we’ll see what the BID has to say.

There will be an update on the effort to rehabilitate the Montrose Park tennis courts. This is an effort that has stretched on for many years now, and hopefully we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The courts are currently in terrible shape.

Also, in an interesting coda to the infuriating gold rush that was the situation under the old liquor license moratorium, a liquor license that was snatched up by someone who clearly had no real intent to use it has been transferred to a sushi restaurant along the canal. The license was issued nearly four years ago to the address that currently hosts Rosselli antiques. The antiques store remains and no restaurant opened, which was a common outcome during the liquor license moratorium. People rushed to get licenses because they had a perceived value, but too frequently the people snatching up the licenses had no concrete plans. Thankfully this dynamic is no more.

The whole agenda is here.

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