More Coffee on the Way

Are there too many coffee shops in Georgetown? We may soon find out. Signage for the latest addition to the java scene appeared recently. The shop, Bluestone Lane, will take over half the space that Frye Company occupied at 1066 Wisconsin Ave.

GM actually first reported this addition last April. It was unclear at the time whether the shop would displace Frye Company or perhaps move in upstairs. Now it’s clear that it is only partially displacing Frye.

You may recall from that article that this isn’t just another coffee shop. It’s just another Melbourne, Australia-inspired coffee shop:

This one is an Melbourne, Australia-inspired company called Bluestone Lane. It’s not, to be clear, a Melbourne, Australia-based coffee company. It’s just inspired by Melbourne. Which apparently has a great coffee culture. Which sounds both believable and also something that could easily be complete BS. (“Oooooh, did you hear about the new ice cream shop? It’s Dublin, Ireland-inspired.”) This particular coffee chain so far only has shops where rich New York financiers work, live or summer.

It’s not clear when they’ll open. Or that we needed yet another coffee shop within a block or so of, like, ten other coffee shops.


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