Prince and Princess Posts Liquor License Notice

Last week, the long time shoe store at the corner of Wisconsin and O, Prince and Princess, posted a liquor license application notice.

While the notice wasn’t long on details, it does include this information about the proposed restaurant:

NATURE OF OPERATION New Restaurant, serving Spanish cuisine/tapas with a vegetarian infusion. Sidewalk Café with 20 seats. Total Occupancy Load is 350 with seating for 200.

HOURS OF OPERATION AND ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE SALES, SERVICE, AND CONSUMPTION INSIDE PREMISES AND FOR SIDEWALK CAFE Sunday 9 am – 2 am, Monday through Thursday 10 am – 2 am, Friday 10 am – 3 am and Saturday 9 am – 3 am

GM has heard for a long time that the owner of the building, who also owns several of the adjacent buildings, wanted to put in a restaurant on the first floor and convert the upper floors to condos. This is the first public indication that that is true.

The notice covers both the Prince and Princess building and the next one up Wisconsin. And since the proposed capacity is 200, that would suggest they plan on using both spaces.

This space has good potential for a restaurant, although GM will be a little sad to see Prince and Princess go. Of all the shops in that part of Wisconsin, this was the one he actually liked.

(Also “Spanish cuisine/tapas with a vegetarian infusion” sounds a bit boring. But GM will reserve judgment on that front.)

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