I’m Seeing Double: Four Whitehursts!

This week for Georgetown Time Machine: GM is visiting an odd item in DDOT’s collection. It’s a photo of the Whitehurst Freeway circa 1959, but there’s another Whitehurst sketched in beside it!

GM has absolutely no idea what this is about. The Whitehurst was built, in part, to serve as a connector between downtown and a freeway that would link up to the GW Parkway and cross at a new bridge near Three Sisters Island. Here’s the rendering:

(This rendering also helps explain why Spout Run has such a highway feel. It was supposed to lead over to the bridge.) It was one of the major accomplishments of DC’s local activists in the 1970s that this didn’t get built. But was a second Whitehurst part of it?

GM is not aware of such a plan, and the fact this is just hand-drawn suggests it wasn’t terribly serious. But what an even worse situation we would have if this came to fruition. It would cover much, if not all, of the land that would later become the Georgetown Waterfront Park. Thankfully it’s just an oddity in an archive and not reality.

(The article title is a Simpsons joke, in case you’re confused).


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