A Head Shop Returns to Georgetown

Where once they had roamed free–like the mighty herds of bison–and then were brought near to extinction, a new head shop arrived in Georgetown.

Head shops are essentially shops to sell everything you need to smoke marijuana, save for the drug itself. They sell pipe and bongs, of course, but all the other accouterments that come from a pot positive lifestyle, like vaguely “ethnic” sculptures, velvet print posters, and lots and lots of incense. The pipes and bongs, however, are almost always described as intended for tobacco or other legal-use only.

Once there were a bunch of head shops around Georgetown. But until recently only Havana Max on M St. would qualify (although Village Arts and Craft also sells pipes). The new shop is just down the street at 3289 M St. It’s DC Glass Gallery (which also has a location in Woodley Park).

Like a person who goes with a hippy to a second location, weed finds itself in an odd situation in DC right now. It’s legal under DC law to have two ounces or less of marijuana. It’s legal to smoke it as long as you’re not smoking it in public. It’s even legal to grow it and give it away. But you can’t sell it. (Of course federal laws all still apply and still very much consider all of the above to be illegal).

The same voter initiative that legalized marijuana in DC in 2015 also legalized the sale of related paraphernalia. Prior to that, DC routinely raided head shops for their sale of bongs and pipes. This appears to have ceased, but apparently the shops are mostly still playing it safe by continuing with the fiction that the “water pipes” are being used to smoke tobacco (including DC Glass Gallery, the new shop in Georgetown).

Let’s face it: head shops are cheesy. They’re like the brick-and-mortar version of that kid in freshman year who listened to the Doors and tried to turn train his Irish-catholic red hair into dreads, and smell exactly like he did too. But they’re a part of Georgetown’s history and so GM welcomes DC Glass Gallery to Georgetown.


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