Just the Way the Gelato Melts…

GM has been closely tracking the supposedly renovations of the Georgetown Dolcezza location, and how it rather appeared that the store was closing instead of renovating. He has now learned that the building has been sold and a new tenant is likely to move in. Booooo.

The new owner is an LLC registered to Kholsa Companies, a Bethesda-based real estate company. They bought the building earlier this month for just $810,000. The sellers were actually the Dolcezza company itself.

This seems cheap, honestly. Yes the building is not that nice and is not is terribly nice shape. But it’s a great location and the fact that the buildingĀ isn’t historic would mean that it would be a good candidate for demolition and rebuilding.

But GM has learned that that isn’t what they’re seeking, at least not now. What he heard is that there is a new tenant lined up, but he didn’t hear who.

Kholsa doesn’t have a lot of history in Georgetown, but they did do the deal that put DC Lash Bar in just up the block from Dolcezza. Given the difficulties that this oddly shaped building presents, it seems likely that some sort of a salon will move in. Blaaah.

If Dolcezza truly is leaving this space it will be an end of an era. This building is where the company got its start in 2004, and even as the company expanded to fancier locations across the city, they continued to manufacture all their gelato in this building’s basement. But with the opening of their factory over in Union Market a few years ago, they no longer needed this building. That they stuck around for a few more years is actually a surprise (in 2013 they were very close to closing this location).

GM has been told that they have long sought a location in Georgetown closer to M St. There are certainly available spaces. But this will be a loss for Book Hill, and (let’s face it) GM, who lives right around the corner.



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2 responses to “Just the Way the Gelato Melts…

  1. $810! What is the SF? At that price, it’s cheaper than a lot of residential. I wonder if there’s more complexity to the deal…

  2. GM, I’m distressed by what’s happening in Georgetown (not for the first time!). We keep losing charming, unique businesses, Dolcezza and Unum, to name two, but there are many. Slowly and sadly, we have traded in our status as a hub of good fun, good drink and unique shopping to become branded instead as the hub of failing mall stores and BANKS. I don’t know anyone who actually goes into a bank anymore, so why the bank boom, and then, absurdly, a bank masquerading as a coffee bar, for millennials, who def don’t go to banks. Yes, we all like coffee, but we are nearing a max out on coffee shops, as well. Impossible to see where this is going, except for fewer reasons for visitors to come to the Village except for cupcakes. Is no one in charge? Maybe it should be you? At least you care.

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