Bike to Work Day Tomorrow!

New O and P Streets Great for Bikers

Tomorrow is Bike to Work Day here in DC. And as it has the last couple years, Georgetown is participating in the festivities.

Bike to Work Day was started way back in 1956 by the League of American Cyclists. Recently it has grown in popularity, particularly in cities like DC that are putting serious efforts into encouraging those that can to consider riding around town on a bike.

How it works is that you register here and select a pit stop to stop at during your trip on Friday. These locations will have on hand “bike ambassadors” to answer any questions you have about biking and how to incorporate it more into your routine. Also, you’ll be entered to win prizes, such as a free bike. Plus there’s free food and drinks to help power your ride into work.

Like in previous years, Georgetown will have a pit stop at the intersection of K and Wisconsin. It will be open from 7:30 to 9:30 am.

You get some pretty good stuff, like the stuff GM got a few years ago:


According to a recent American Community Survey estimate from the Census, 7.61% of Georgetowners use “other” transportation to get to work. Since “other” only includes stuff that’s not walking, driving or using mass transit, it’s safe to assume that most of those people are bikers.

That would mean that about 76 Georgetowners bike to work. So whoever you are (and GM knows some of you) register and come on down!

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