The Shifting Sands of the Dessert Desert

GM has long tracked the alarming waxing and waning of the pernicious “dessert desert” in Georgetown. These are godforsaken locations along the main drags of the neighborhood where a hot and tired soul will have to walk upwards of two blocks in order to find some tasty frozen relief.

At times the deserts were nearly washed away. But recently several virtual Saharas have re-emerged while oases have multiplied in other spots.

Specifically: Thomas Sweet remains the only purveyor of ice cream or frozen yogurt along the entire stretch of Wisconsin Ave. At one point, not so long ago, you could get frozen yogurt at Tasty Frog at S St., some gelato at Dolcezza at Q St., ice cream at T Sweet’s, and some more frozen yogurt at Ice Berry at Dumbarton. No your stuck in line at T Sweet’s.

M St., however, has seen a renaissance. Sugar Lab now sells gelato at M and Potomac. Sweetgreen’s original location at Bank will soon start selling frozen yogurt again. And the calories still flow at Ben and Jerry’s, Haagen Dazs, and Crepe and Creme. Down on K St., Hershey’s still satisfies the movie and park crowds.

But is upper Georgetown doomed to walk through this endless dessert desert from now on? Surely some enterprising ice creamapaneur sees the chance to sell water in the desert?!?!

(But seriously, Via Umbria should sell gelato.)

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