Improvements Coming to Popular Cycling Route

On Monday, the website Washcycle reported on a new project by the National Park Service that would substantial improve a path used by many Georgetown cyclists.

The path is part of the Rock Creek Park path, but it’s the part that stretches from Virginia Ave. (near Fletcher’sThompson’s Boat House) and travels between the river and the Kennedy Center to the Lincoln Memorial. It is an excellent route to take from Georgetown to get to the mall and beyond (it is also GM’s morning commute route). But for the long section where the path is next to the Kennedy Center it is a rough brick surface that is not terribly comfortable to bike over. And it is a bit narrow too.

NPS has several improvements it is proposing. One is to resurface the path along this whole route with a “consistent porous asphalt”. They also plan to reconfigure the benches to make the whole path effectively 14 feet wide instead of the 6 it is now.

This is also a route very popular with walkers and runners. The extra width will help with that, but it is still imperative that cyclists yield to the pedestrians and make sure to pass only when there’s plenty of room.

Washcycle has more great details like a plan to fix the weird circular path just east of the Roosevelt Bridge:

This is actually called “the Belvedere” and it used to be the grand western end of Constitution Ave. Here it is from above in 1951:

Once Roosevelt Bridge was built, Constitution Ave. was diverted to the on-ramp. But some of the elms which once lined the street still stand.

Anyway, check out Washcycle for more details.


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3 responses to “Improvements Coming to Popular Cycling Route

  1. The boathouse near Virginia Ave is Thompson’s Fletcher’s is up near Arizona Ave

  2. Topher

    Ah, yes you’re right. My mistake.

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