ANC Race Update

Last month, GM reported on how the ANC election season was beginning and how one current commissioner (Monica Roaché) had already announced her plans not to seek reelection. Candidate petitions were due this week, and GM can give you a full picture of who will be on the ballot this November.

Up in Burleith, long time ANC commissioner Ed Solomon will face Kishan Putta. Solomon has represented Burleith since 2005. Putta has actually served as a commissioner previously when he lived in Dupont Circle. Should be an interesting race!

In Georgetown, Joe Gibbons, Rick Murphy, Lisa Palmer will run for reelection unopposed. Elizabeth Miller is running for the first time to replace Roaché, and is also unopposed.

Two students have qualified for the two student districts, Anna Landre and Mathias Burdman. It’s tough for students to get their petitions signed and returned in the summer when so few potential signatories are around, so congrats to them for that!

In east Georgetown there will be a race between the incumbent, Jim Wilcox, and a challenger, Gwendolyn Lohse. As the race gets closer, we’ll surely hear how their respective visions differ.

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