Major Change on Wisconsin Ave.

A major change is coming to Wisconsin Ave. Actually it’s a Major change, which is pretty minor really. Specifically, Major, the stylish sneaker store at 1428 Wisconsin Ave., is moving up the block to 1415 Wisconsin Ave.

GM had heard that it was a sneaker store already on Wisconsin that was going to take over the space formerly occupied by Appalachian Spring. But he didn’t know which one. A permit on the window settles it. The permit was issued to Duk-Ki Yu, the owner of Major.

GM’s a little bummed that this space isn’t being taken over by a bookstore, say that long forgotten Politics and Prose Georgetown branch. But sneaker stores are pretty popular, even if they’re not on GM’s shopping list. Both Major and its competitor up the block, Kick Spot, are well respected sneaker head shops that both attract a young diverse crowd. And that’s good for Georgetown.

Presumably Major will vacate it’s current space, which would add to the vacancies on this stretch of Wisconsin. But the promised diner at 1426 Wisconsin appears to be moving forward, so maybe that will help things.


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