Leef Peeping Time is Finally Here

1600 block of Avon Pl.

It’s been delayed due to the extended heat, but fall foliage has finally arrived to Georgetown. And there are plenty places to take it in.

In 2013, Casey Trees pulled together a fantastic little tool, it’s a map of downtown DC with several different trails laid out that you can take and admire quality street tree foliage. In Georgetown it recommends a meandering trail through the heart of the village to enjoy its sugar maples:



Sugar maples are definitely the kings of New England foliage, but around here they can be hit or miss. What species that does knock it out of the park around here are ginkgoes. GM is not generally a fan of ginkgoes-their fruit smells awful and the don’t really create much in the way of shade-but he admits their bright yellow fall foliage is pretty spectacular.

It’s actually still a little early for Ginkgoes, but in a couple weeks you could do a nice ginkgo tour through Georgetown. You would start at the south end of Rose Park and walk up 27th st. Then jog over to Cambridge Pl. and walk up Avon to R St. Then make your way down to Potomac St. for the grand finale.

It will be beautiful, although your shoes will smell like dog poop.

Another option would be to stroll through Dumbarton Oaks Park. It (as well as the adjoining Montrose Park) has a nice collection of beeches, which have a nice bright yellow fall color.

Either way, this time of year only trails spring in terms of strolling conditions. So get out there and stroll!

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