Next Tuesday is election day. And GM has already weighed in on one of the votes you’ll be asked to make (vote for Silverman!). But you’ll also be asked to vote for your next ANC commissioner. And if you’re interested in hearing GM’s thoughts on your choice (or lack thereof), read on.

ANC 2E 01: Burleith-Hillandale: Your Choice

This district is outside GM’s “jurisdiction”, which gives him a convenient excuse not to have to choose. Longtime commissioner Ed Solomon is facing a strong challenge from Kishan Putta. GM thinks highly of both candidates. Ed has served Burleith well since 2005. He has reliably displayed a collaborative and problem-solving attitude. And Kishan is a ball of energy who has already dived into community issues like the renovation of Jelleff with a laser focus. Also as a new father he would bring that perspective to the position.

The Georgetowner endorsed Kishan. But they premised their choice on Ed’s decision to back the K/Water St. reconfiguration. This is an enormously petty reason to criticize Ed and reflect’s the Georgetowner’s outdated obsession with parking. There are great reasons to chose to vote for Kishan, but don’t do it to punish Ed’s vote on making K/Water St. safer for all users.

Burleith/Hillandale, you have two great choices. You can’t make a mistake here.

ANC 2E 02: Upper West Georgetown: Joe Gibbons

Incumbent Joe Gibbons is seeking another term. GM adores Joe and considers him a fantastic neighbor. He is facing no opposition and will continue to serve the community well. Vote for him happily.

ANC 2E 03: Middle West Georgetown: Rick Murphy

Rick Murphy is also seeking another term without opposition. Rick has done a wonderful job in his first term and GM is happy he is returning for another. Pull the lever for him.

ANC 2E 04: Georgetown University: Anna Landre

GU student Anna Landre is seeking one of the two GU seats. GM is especially excited that as a wheel chair user, Anna will bring a perspective to the ANC that is often overlooked. Accessibility is a huge problem for our neighborhood, and GM hopes Anna will help focus the commission on addressing it. She deserves your vote.

ANC 2E 05: Lower Georgetown: Lisa Palmer

Two years ago Lisa Palmer knocked off longtime commissioner Bill Starrels. GM actually endorsed Bill back then, but now enthusiastically endorses Lisa. She has performed extremely well and was a stalwart advocate for the redesign of K/Water St. She has been a fantastic addition to the commission, and she has earned your vote for her reelection.

ANC 2E 06: Middle East Georgetown: Gwendolyn Lohse

Two years ago longtime commissioner Tom Birch stepped down from this seat and Jim Wilcox ran unopposed for it. At the time GM acknowledged that he didn’t always see eye-to-eye with Jim, but respected his ability to talk through the differences. GM still thinks that, but believes a new commissioner is needed from this district. In his two years on the commission, Jim has significantly contributed to the dissolution of comity that used to typify the ANC. He has fought contentious fights that weren’t necessary and frankly don’t seem to be in the interest of his constituency.

For instance, he was the primary objector to the K/Water St. reconfiguration, despite the fact that he doesn’t represent that part of Georgetown (and the commissioner that does was for it). It was obvious that his sole interest was that of the two businesses at the end of Water St. that were complaining about loss of parking: Gypsy Sally’s and Malmaison. He previously was on the board of the Georgetown Business Association, and it’s clear he continues to carry water for the GBA.

If you live in east Georgetown and want a commissioner representing you and not a couple businesses, vote for Gwendolyn Lohse.

ANC 2E 07: Upper East Georgetown: Elizabeth Miller

After three terms representing this district, Monica Roaché decided not to seek reelection. In doing so she endorsed Elizabeth Miller. Elizabeth has been active in the community for years, particularly with the Concerts in the Park. GM agrees with Monica and heartily endorses Elizabeth.

ANC 2E 08: Georgetown University: Matias Burdman

GM was under the impression Matias qualified for the ballot, but as of right now he is not reflected on the Board of Elections’ website. So if you don’t see him, write him in.


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3 responses to “For ANC

  1. Karl Daniel Heininger

    Personal and Confidential

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thank you for the public service you provide to Georgetown and the community. I applaud you for your efforts and I have enjoyed reading your posts over the years.

    Today I have unsubscribed and I felt I should let you know the reason. I’ve valued your updates and information on many developments and activities, about which I would have otherwise been ignorant. I have found the editorial observations less enjoyable and for me at least, they often are of such a personal nature, that it goes beyond the sort of community updates for which I have valued The Georgetown Metropolitan.

    It is, of course, your absolute right to express and share your views on which trees you like or dislike, what businesses you favor and don’t, and similar observations. I agree with many of them. But the weight of these in proportion to the updates I’ve valued is more than my preference.

    I’m not suggesting you should change anything about what you are doing. It’s a tremendous service to the entire community. But because I respect what you do, I thought I owed you an explanation for my exit.




  2. jad6504

    GM, please keep doing exactly what you’re doing!

  3. Robert V. Huffman

    GM, with the upcoming midterms, thank you for your editorial on candidates. I know neither candidate, but reading your comments I’d vote for the incumbent as I don’t like the reconfigured k street, which I drive every day. You’ve given no value proposition for Gwendolyn. What about her positions on the issues do you value? Your readers would benefit more from a positive and insightful recommendation rather than negative comments about the incumbent.

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