Two ANC Commissioners Ousted

Long time ANC commissioner Ed Solomon and first term commissioner Jim Wilcox appear to have lost their bids to reelection. As of last night, Kishan Putta led Solomon with 68% of the vote. And Gwendolyn Lohse led Wilcox with 66% of the vote.

Assuming these results hold, this will spell the end of a long and noteworthy term for Solomon, who served since 2005. Wilcox, who won the open seat two years ago, faced a strong challenge from Lohse, who was backed by many who disagreed with Wilcox’s combative approach on the commission.

Joe Gibbons, Rick Murphy, Lisa Palmer and Anna Landre won their seats uncontested. Matias Burdman probably won ANC2E08 based on a write in campaign, but that will need to be confirmed.


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One response to “Two ANC Commissioners Ousted

  1. David Abrams

    I think it is extremely unfair that you use the term “combative” when describing Mr. Wilcox’s approach to dealing with his fellow ANC Commissioners. This was a myth generated during the campaign. A solid number of Mr. Wilcox’s constituents supported the way he advocated for our interests as individuals and did not kowtow to the interests of the businesses or landlords on M Street.
    David Abrams
    26th Street, NW

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