Oh Come on!!

In the near future, there will be four different banks that will have two different branches in Georgetown. The newest to join this terrible group is Wells Fargo, which will be opening an “express center” branch at 1331 Wisconsin Ave. This superfluous location will join Wells Fargo’s other location at M and 29th.

Capital One is one of the other banks, with its old Chevy Chase Bank location at Wisconsin and Q, as well as the nauseating Capital One Cafe that is soon opening in the old Nathan’s building at Wisconsin and M. Chase bank will soon occupy both the old Neam’s market building at Wisconsin and P, and the old Sports Zone space on M St. east of Wisconsin. And United Bank already has two locations, after it purchased Cardinal Bank (and its location next to the Safeway) and the Bank of Georgetown (with its location at the bottom of Wisconsin Ave.)

The eight bank branches will join the nine other bank branches of other banks located in Georgetown. Seventeen bank branches for an area roughly one square mile is an incredible over-saturation of banks.

Just remember, when the possibility of preventing this useless proliferation of vitality-killing mortgage factories arose, the Georgetown Business Association balked.


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