Muth/Drath Film Doesn’t See Much Light of Day

Way back in 2015, it was announced that actor Christoph Waltz would be acting and directing in a film called “The Worst Marriage in Georgetown” based upon Franklin Foer’s article recounting the tale of the marriage and murder between Georgetown residents, Viola Drath and Albrecht Muth.

The film (later retitled simply “Georgetown”) was eventually filmed in 2017. It starred Waltz as Muth, Vanessa Redgrave as Viola Drath, and Annette Bening as Drath’s daughter. (The reason you don’t remember seeing these stars around town during filming is because it was filmed in Toronto.)

With such a cast it would seem the film would make a splash. But it was never released. The distributor still lists the film as in post-production. And at least one writer thought it would be released at Sundance this year. But it’s not on any list of the films being showcased there this year.

In late 2017, Waltz discussed the movie with, at even then it sounded like he wasn’t too sure about the film:

“You need someone to attract investors, so unfortunately that was me so I had to play the part and direct, and I’m not convinced that that’s an ideal combination,” he explained on Good Morning America.

Joking that he was a tough actor to direct, he quipped, “It’s very, very difficult because I never listen!”
Georgetown is pegged for release next year (18), but Christoph is unsure if the title will remain the same.

“I’m not sure whether it’s gonna be called Georgetown because I haven’t seen the movie yet, I’m still editing,” he said. “I think a movie needs to tell you what it wants to be called.”

2018 came and went without the release (or an apparent name change). So the film’s prospects don’t sound too great. Which is all too bad. The incredibly odd story of Muth and his relationship with Drath would make for enjoyable cinema. And GM can’t think of another movie based on actual events primarily occurring in Georgetown. Let’s hope Netflix or something finally lets the film see the light of day.

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