Little Tavern Remains

Back in September, GM pointed out that the old Little Tavern Hamburgers building at Wisconsin and N was available for lease. It would give you the opportunity to return the building to its origins as a chain burger joint:

These little green and white buildings once dotted the Washington area with its distinctive design. The original Sweetgreen on M St. was housed in a vintage Little Tavern building. (Sweetgreen converted the space into “Tavern”, a nod to the building’s history).

If you would like to restore the Wisconsin Ave. building to its origins, it might not be that hard! The paint from Paolo’s is peeling and revealing that the original enamel siding from the Little Tavern is still there (see the top photo). It shows up in a couple spots:

A lot of the other original architectural details are still there too, including the art-deco neon sign on the top.

So who’s game? Somebody please come take it before a bank swoops in!

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  1. Carol Ross Joynt

    As a teenager, we ended nights out in Georgetown with a hit on Little Tavern for a bag of excellent mini burgers. They tasted so good. Not sure they would have made it in daylight, but at 3am they were perfect. Would be great if we could have a Smashburger, or In-n-Out Burger, even a Shake Shack. But its gotta be open at 3am. (Deliver would be a bonus!)

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