More Banks!!!

Not content to destroy the usefulness of just two prime locations in Georgetown, Chase Bank is going to bring a third goddamn location to Georgetown.

Specifically, they will be opening an ATM-only location at 3405 M St. They applied for a big neon sign for this location as well, although it is unlikely to be approved. Their intentions could not be more clear: to plaster the neighborhood with as much advertising as possible. There is absolutely no need for three different Chase locations in a neighborhood already drowning in superfluous bank branches. There is no way they will ever justify the opening of these three branches based upon ATM fees or whatever. It’s 100% about getting its name and logo in front of as many people as possible.

And in the process they’ve taken what could (again) be a truly community defining property, the old Neam’s Market, and will soon convert it into a suburban style drive up useless bank branch.

If you care about Georgetown, don’t ever buy any Chase banking products. They are terrible neighbors. Oh and don’t forget they got $12 billion dollars of bailout money when millions of Americans were losing their houses. They are a bad company! Don’t do business with them!


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2 responses to “More Banks!!!

  1. Carol Ross Joynt

    GM – Who is behind this banks takeover of Georgetown. Is it the BID? (Though the BID is relatively powerless). Or is it organic? A coincidence? Driven by commercial realtors? Regardless, ridiculous (because brick & mortar banks are dinosaurs) and not good for Georgetown.

  2. Topher

    I don’t think the BID has anything to do with it. If anything, they’ve been trying to discourage building owners to rent to them. But there’s not much anyone can to do prevent landlords from renting to the highest bidder. And unfortunately, banks who are not looking for profit-generating branches but rather well placed advertising are willing to pay a lot.

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