Bakery/Cafe to Replace Bharati

The short lived Bharati Indian restaurant is apparently going to be replaced by a bakery & cafe called La Jolie Bleue.

Bharati took over the former (and original) location of Dolcezza, 1560 Wisconsin Ave. It only opened last summer, but sadly never seemed to find an audience and closed this spring.

Renovations have been taking place recently in the space, and a vaguely nautical theme seemed to dominate (although the space seemed to keep the same general shape as Bharati, which really was the same as Dolcezza). But a sign went up yesterday announcing the June 29th opening of the new restaurant.

La Jolie Bleue is French for the beautiful blue, which is probably an ocean reference. And suggests that it will be a French style bakery and cafe. We’ve already got a couple of those around, but people seem to like them! Sadly there is no information available online about the project and no other contact info available. So we’ll see what they have in store!


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7 responses to “Bakery/Cafe to Replace Bharati

  1. Jeff Cochrane

    Maybe “The Blue Beauty”? I’d think the word “jolie” is the noun. Sounds like the name of a boat. :). Maybe all the baguette slices will be served in little blue boats.

  2. Topher

    Ah, yeah, that would better explain the feminine bleue.

  3. kerlin4321

    That space seems to have a hex on it. Let’s hope this latest venture breaks the spell.

  4. qstreeter

    I’ll be honest, a French bakery for that location is about as disappointing as a bank branch or hair salon, there are at least 4 others within a 5-minute walk from there. Hoping for a broader sort of bakery/cafe that brings something new to the neighborhood.

  5. Topher

    I think that’s a fair point. Maybe if they had gelato like Dolcezza did it would fill a need?

  6. Tahar Slimani

    Good Morning All!

    It is with great pleasure that I am writing to everyone in the neighborhood!

    La Jolie Bleue is in direct reference to the Mediterranean sea, where flavors have traveled back and forth across its waters ever since antiquity, connecting and influencing all the countries that lay on its coasts.

    We are not a french bakery. We are not a huge company or part of a corporation. We are a family, dedicated to serve our guests the same food that we serve our kids at home. All natural, fresh and healthy!

    There will be a strong emphasis on hand crafted savory bakes, Couscous Bowls that you can customize with vegan/Gluten free substitutes (Quinoa/Saffron Rice). Hand made cookies and treats, make from scratch healthy drinks and high end espresso/coffee (from Vigilante).

    Our website is currently under works and is almost done.

    Please do Join us this Saturday for our grand opening.

    Appreciate any feedback and thanks for this post!

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