Live in Roald Dahl’s House!

Would you like to live like the man who wrote James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Witches, and many more legendary books? Well, here’s your opportunity: the former Georgetown home of Roald Dahl is available for rent. As GM wrote about the home, 1610 34th St., in 2016:

Dahl lived for a short time in Georgetown (and supposedly painted the family jewels of the Dumbarton Bridge buffaloes white)…And that address is 1610 34th St.

Dahl was an ace fighter pilot for the British during World War II, operating mostly in Africa and the Middle East. While recovering from lingering health issues stemming from a crash, Dahl was appointed as an assistant air force attaché in Washington. And he lived at the above address. According to an article in the Post: “Dahl shared the two-story brick rowhouse on 34th Street with another attaché from the embassy. According to one biographer, the fledgling writer would work during the evenings after watering his tiny garden, pouring himself a whiskey and listening to music.”

It appears that he wrote his first book at this address, The Gremlins. If you’d like to kick off your own writing career, grab a bottle of whiskey and call the broker!

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