Sephora Taking Over Clearly Cursed Location

Makeup giant Sephora is moving its Georgetown location down to the other end of M St. Right now it’s located at 3065 M St. But apparently in order to have a larger space, it’s moving to 3241 M St. Someone should let them know it’s a cursed location.

This space most recently housed & Other Stories, a hip clothing store part of the H&M empire. It was open approximately five minutes before it closed in August. (Seriously it was only open one year).

The space underwent years of construction before & Other Stories moved in. Before that it was home to the Bandelaro, a short lived Mexican restaurant that was disowned by Mike Isabella before the restaurant ever had a chance to disown him.

The left side of the space housed the popular casual seafood restaurant Tackle Box. That suffered a big fire in its relatively brief life.

Also affected by the fire was Hook, a more chic seafood restaurant that occupied the right side of the space (and occupied the entire space before that). It also didn’t last that long.

GM’s fairly certain that all the property’s problems can be tied back to one night: May 8th, 2009. The night Hook hosted his wedding rehearsal dinner. The evening was a lovely success! GM swears he didn’t place a hex on the property! But still! Good luck Sephora. You clearly need it.

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