Paving Projects Testing Residents’ Patience

There are several street repaving projects about to be carried out around Georgetown. Unfortunately the manner in which DDOT is handling the projects is leaving residents upset.

For some reason, despite the fact that repaving projects typically can finish a block in a day or two, DDOT has eliminated parking on the affected blocks for extended periods. For instance, on Volta Place, the city is planning to repave it from Wisconsin Ave to 34th St. But there is no parking for all 24 hours through Saturday.

It seems that the complaints reached Councilmember Jack Evans, since he tried to assure residents that the no parking would be gone as soon as possible:

This is a pretty bad way to approach road repaving. There is no need to ban parking in the middle of the night. And DDOT should be able to narrow the window to a couple days when prohibiting parking for so many places.

(Moreover, Volta is not nearly as bad and in need of repaving as Q St. So it makes no sense to do Volta before Q.)

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