Georgetown Time Machine: Emrich Beef

This week on Georgetown Time Machine, GM has a fascinating interior shot from the Historical Society of Washington, DC. It is of the Emrich Beef Company Store.

The photo says it is located between 1306 and 1312 32nd St. That’s not where it would seem by today’s map. (Actually there is no 1300 block of 32nd St. today). The photo is from 1894, during the brief period that the street we now call Wisconsin Ave. was called 32nd St. (it was called High Street before that). This particular address is now the location of the Georgetown Inn (a building from the middle 20th century).

Here is another photo from the collection:

As you can see, the store sold far more than just meat. It appears to sell a variety of dry goods and produce as well. This was the main location of the store, but it had a couple branch locations too:

By 1903, this location was labeled as “West Wash. Market” on survey maps:

(This is an example of how for a couple decades after Georgetown was abolished as a separate municipality there was an effort to rename the neighborhood “West Washington”. It obviously didn’t last.)

It’s unclear to GM whether this means the Emrich Beef was no more, or was actually part of a larger market building. Either way, it’s long gone now.

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  1. Love this. We should bring it back for the Dean and DeLuca space.

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