Shops on the Horizon

Last night, the BID and the ANC hosted a great presentation and discussion on the state of the Georgetown retail district.

Jamie Scott’s talk laid out a lot of the challenges facing retail and landlords in the neighborhood. But notwithstanding those challenges, one of the underlying messages was that it’s not really as bad as it might seem.

And to underscore that point, the BID had a poster showing all the recent openings and closings. And more importantly, the map had a list of soon-to-be-openings. You can see the list above.

Some notable mentions that GM was unaware of include a new restaurant at 1267 Wisconsin (the former Jonathan Adler space) called Foxtrot, Harper Macaw (a chocolate factory based in DC) coming to M St., and two more unnamed restaurants coming to 2915 M and 3000 K.

GM is a bit late in compiling his annual survey of shops in Georgetown, but hopes to do it shortly. In the meantime, this is a helpful list. Here’s the whole map and list:

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One response to “Shops on the Horizon

  1. I came away with a few thoughts:
    1. The citizens want more restaurants but do not understand how a restaurant P&L works and the impact of high per sq ft rent (operating cost line item) on the ability for an establishment to make a profit. . Ask the entrepreneur trying to open a Call Your Mother bagel restaurant about Wisconsin or M and the fight he’s getting on zoning a few blocks over.
    2. The Old Georgetown Board is part of the problem — it’s slow, lacks clarity and is in the way of innovation at the retail level.
    Creativity seems stifled by the OGB.. We could do a lot on Wisconsin ave by leaving the front of the building the same but build a real infrastructure behind it (possibly some with apartments above–more on that below). Every good idea I heard was shot down by “the OGB would never allow that…”
    3. There are no tax incentives to help lower Wisconsin ave focus on the core issues. GreatStreets (DC program) helps upper Wisconsin but not lower.
    4. There are very few apartment buildings like there are at the Wharf/14th street etc. The business will follow the 20-40 y/o crowd and they can’t afford to live in GT.
    5. There doesn’t seem to be any good transportation discussions happening — its all about a metro stop but no one is serious…
    6. Where is Jack Evans? he kicks it off then leaves? Seems like he’s turned his back on the real issues and doesn’t want to be bothered by his constituents.

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