Georgetown Time Machine: Car Barn

This week for Georgetown Time Machine, GM is visiting again the DC Historical Society’s archive. This is a photo of the streetcar car barn on M St. just west of Key Bridge.

The photo is from 1949 and it appears to be a J.G. Brill-style streetcar emerging from the car barn. This was the style of streetcars DC used primarily until the introduction of the PCC style streetcars in the 1930s. Here’s how they compare:

The Brill-style was more boxy and has a more old timey feel:

Courtesy of NCTM.

The PCC streetcars were streamlined:

Courtesy of NCTM.

Returning to the car barn photo, the other significant item is the Sinclair gas station next door. A gas station has stood at that location for quite a long time. Although clearly the current (now closed) structure is a much more recent construction.

The homes above on the ridge along Prospect St. were relatively recently built as of this photo. They were built in the 1930s to the 40s.

Streetcars ran out of the car barn until the end of streetcar operations citywide in 1962.

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