The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Joe Flood.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • GM got a little ahead of himself yesterday. Despite releasing a feasibility study saying that constructing the Palisades Trolley Trail would be a good idea, DDOT apparently doesn’t actually want to do it. So it won’t buy the Foundry Branch Trestle Bridge and WMATA will have it destroyed. Big win for “bike friendly” Georgetown University! Not to mention all those that claim to care about historic preservation when it means blocking construction of condos, but not when an actual significant piece of history will be scrap-heaped! It’s amazing how honest people become once you propose something that might make some cyclists less likely to die.
  • In other distressing news: A Californian woman was arrested for making bomb threats against Georgetown Visitation over the school’s decision to report its alumnae’s same-sex marriages in its alumni magazine.

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