The Wait for Bagels Continues

Despite receiving a positive vote from the Board of Zoning Adjustment, Call Your Mother is still months from opening in Georgetown. As hinted at by GM last week, the restaurant has several administrative hoops to jump through before welcoming customers.

Specifically, since the BZA granted party status to an opponent, the zoning relief is not effective until the Office of Attorney General issues a formal order. At best this can take three months.

Of course, Call Your Mother could open immediately to sell unprepared food, since they never needed zoning approval to do that. And after winning the vote, the restaurant’s owner, Andrew Dana, told Eater that they planned to open by the end of January. GM wondered whether that meant they would open with limited offerings until the order was issued. He reached out for clarification, but didn’t hear back.

But in the meantime, Dana spoke again with Eater (perhaps after speaking with his attorney) and clarified that he misspoke earlier. He does not want to open the Georgetown shop until the order is issued. So the wait continues. Realistically that probably means they won’t open until springtime.

Oh well!

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