What’s Happening in Montrose Park

If you’ve been to Montrose Park in the last couple months, you’ve probably been struck by the scope of the work that is being done there. GM was, when he visited there for the first time since the fall yesterday. But what are they doing, exactly?

The main thing that they are doing is finally restoring the historic tennis courts. This has been promised for years, without much progress. But by the end of the year (if not sooner) usable tennis courts will return to Montrose Park.

But not as many as had been there before. The only courts being restored are the two closest to R St., by Lover’s Lane. They will also be realigned to run east-west, not north-south.

The other courts, which were along Parrott’s Rope Walk, will not be restored. If fact they won’t be retained at all. Apparently they were added well after the Lover’s Lane courts and were considered not “original”. They have already been removed.

But as you can tell from the scope of the fencing, changes to the tennis courts is not the only thing on the agenda. Three underground bioretention facilities are also being constructed. They will reduce the amount of water run-off heading into Rock Creek. You would think that the grass itself would be sufficient to absorb rainwater, but apparently there is sufficient run-off from the grass itself to justify the project.

Montrose Park is an absolute gem. And this work will hopefully ensure it remains so for generations more. And it will finally bring tennis back to the park!

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