A Social Distancer’s Guide to Georgetown

So, yeah. Things are weird right now. And they’re going to get weirder and harder before they even begin to return to head back towards normal. But you don’t need GM to tell you that! But what he can do is give you tips for how to not go absolutely stir crazy while still observing the need to exercise social distancing.

It may get to the point that we are encouraged (or required) to stay literally inside bar trips to get food or medicine. But at least for now, it is fine to go outside and get fresh air, as long as you keep a safe distance from others. (And then wash your hands when you get home).

Our public parks will obviously remain open for these purposes. Georgetown is blessed with four of them: Rose, Montrose, Volta and the waterfront. Bring a book, grab a bench and just enjoy being outside. Additionally, while Dumbarton Oaks gardens are sadly closed, but Dumbarton Oaks Park is not.

Also, as of today at least, Tudor Place is still open. GM visited Friday, and their collection of beautiful saucer magnolias were only just starting to bloom, so stop by this week and they’ll surely be at peak.

A simple walk through the neighborhood is also a good option. And why not learn a thing or two while you do it? Here’s a great self-guided walking tour of east Georgetown and here is one for Georgetown’s Civil War history.

And finally, now’s a great time to get out the bike, if you don’t already ride. Head on down to the Capital Crescent Trail at the end of Water St. and just start peddling. Maybe for a little while you’ll be able to forget the world and just enjoy a little breeze in your face.



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2 responses to “A Social Distancer’s Guide to Georgetown

  1. May I also recommend the gardens on the top of the hill where the old University Observatory is located? Great views and normally full of blooming bulbs and flowering trees this time of year.

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