How You Can Help, And How You Can Be Helped

A lot of Georgetowners are wondering right now what they can do to support the shops and restaurants that are getting especially hammered by the response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Also, some might be wondering where they can go for help themselves. GM will try to provide what information he can as he finds it. So consider this a first in a series.

First: shops and restaurants. While restaurants and bars can’t allow you to eat on premises right now, you can still order their food for take out. The BID has helpfully compiled a list of restaurants in Georgetown that are still open for business for this purpose. As of Tuesday night, the list included 32 establishments. It also lists information for gyms and retail shops, who have shifted over to solely internet-based services for now.

Second: Grocery stores across the city have acted to set aside times where only customers in especially high-risk groups will be permitted in the store. This includes seniors and others with health conditions susceptible to Covid-19 attacks. Safeway, including Georgetown’s location, has set aside 7-9 am Tuesdays and Thursdays for this purpose.

If you have any other ideas for this series, please add it in the comments and GM will rebroadcast it!

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