Ghost Town

GM took the shot above on Tuesday at 3 pm. There was hardly and soul, car, bike, or whatever in sight. It’s truly eerie, although it is also encouraging to see that everyone is taking this seriously.

It wasn’t until GM got back home that he realized that the photo was taken in almost the exact same spot as this startling shot from 1959:

Nearly the same barren scene, yet obviously for starkly different reasons.

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  1. Hey there Georgetown Metropolitan!

    Over the past week of social isolation, my family and neighbors have created “The Georgetown Street Safari”! This is a fun, scavenger-hunt style activity that all of our Georgetown/DC friends can do with their children and other loved ones, despite our collective quarantine.

    Over 200 homes in the Georgetown neighborhood are now displaying stuffed animals in their windows – bears, dogs, giraffes, mice and many more.

    We are inviting families to participate in the Georgetown Street Safari. Download/print the map and animal list below and walk the streets of Georgetown to find the animals as part of your own “safari” in our neighborhood jungle. Safari participants are also posting pictures with the animals they find on their treks on our Facebook page!

    Given the social constraints of these days, we are hoping you can help us get the word out about the Safari to families in Georgetown and around DC. Our Facebook page is Georgetown Street Safari and our email address is Thanks for helping us promote the Georgetown Street Safari so that more families will take their own safaris into the jungle of our beautiful neighborhood!

    Judith Bunnell 202-286-1640 (c)


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