Be Counted

While there are certainly more important things going on, the decennial Census for 2020 is still moving forward. And it’s important that you be counted.

You should have received one or more letters in the mail from the Census. One would contain the small number of questions that are required, including name, age, sex and race/ethnic background. You can fill it out manually and mail it back and you’re all done!

If you’d rather go the online route, that is also accepted. Go to and type in the 12-digit Census ID number that is in the mailing (not your social security number, or other ID number you might have). If you can’t find that number, or you’ve lost the mailing, you can also fill it out by giving your address.

You are answering for all individuals living full-time at your address. So make sure you’ve got that information for everyone (including housemates, live-in nannies, au pairs, etc.) before filling it out. And fill it out for everyone, regardless of their citizenship status. The Census counts everybody (and more importantly, doesn’t share this information with other agencies).

You’re already doing your duty by staying home! Now do your duty and get counted!

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