What’s the Most Iconic Shot of Georgetown?

Yesterday, someone asked GM for help identifying an iconic image of Georgetown for a project they were working. They asked GM to look through his collection of photos of Georgetown to find his favorite shots, and perhaps that would help inspire their own selection. Somewhat lacking in article ideas these days, GM decided to answer with this!

A couple thoughts immediately jumped to mind. The truly most iconic images have somewhat been beaten to death:

But GM’s personal favorite photographs aren’t very quintessentially Georgetown:

The best middle ground GM could come up with was the canal. It’s pretty quintessentially Georgetown, but hasn’t been done to death:

So, what are your favorite iconic images of Georgetown?


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One response to “What’s the Most Iconic Shot of Georgetown?

  1. Porscha Lady-Crystal Miller

    If it’s a new photo it’s not iconic. That’s the exact opposite of what iconic means. Iconic is something that you see that you immediately associate with that place or thing.

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