Go Vote!

Photo by Jacquesofalltrades.

GM has been encouraging you to vote by mail. But with the election just next week, you have to request your ballot no later than today. If you can’t get your request out today, you can always just vote in person. In fact you can do that right now if you’d like. Early in-person voting has already started and if you want to avoid your ballot getting lost in the mail, this is the best approach.

For Georgetowners, the easiest polling location is Hardy Middle School, across from the Safeway. It is open for early voting every day this week from 7 am to 8 pm. Obviously you will be expected to follow social distancing guidelines to vote, but with adequate precautions, it should be a safe experience.

Remember, the election next Tuesday is for part primaries. For the contested Ward 2 councilmember seat, the Democratic primary is tantamount to the general election. If you want to have a voice in who will represent you next January, you’ve basically got to vote in this election. You can do same-day registration in DC but sadly you cannot do same-day party switching. If you’re not a registered Democrat by now, you’re out of luck for this vote.

There will be yet another election two weeks after this vote. This will be the special election to fill the Ward 2 seat until next January. Each Democratic candidate, minus Jack Evans and Daniel Hernandez, will be on that ballot, as well as Republican Katherine Venice.

GM thinks you should vote in both elections for Patrick Kennedy, but most of all he wants you to vote period. So go vote (safely)!


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