We Won’t Know Who Won the Primary for a While

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Although we learned yesterday that Jack Evans won’t be the next full-term Ward 2 Councilmember, we didn’t learn who will. Brooke Pinto holds a small lead over Patrick Kennedy for the Democratic nomination (which is the de facto general election). But a potentially large number of mail-in ballots have not been counted. And we won’t get a sense of what the final numbers will be for over a week.

Election day was a total fiasco. Confusion reigned as the mayor order a 7 pm curfew due to the police state downtown, despite the fact that the polls were open until 8 pm. And in fact the lines were so long that voters who got in line by 8 pm were still waiting to vote after midnight. This was likely caused by the fact that the Board of Elections seem to have done a terrible job getting mail-in ballots out to those who requested them. So a large number of people showed up to vote on election day. But the city also made the misguided decision to reduce the number of polling stations, so the waits increased significantly.

So the totals announced as of yesterday include some portion of mail-in ballots received, early in-person voting, and election day in-person voting. The number of outstanding ballots that have not been counted could be in the thousands, but that is just a guess at this point. The Board of Elections hasn’t released any details on those numbers.

But they have told journalist Tom Sherwood that they will not announce any updated totals for seven to ten days. That is somewhat a reflection of the fact that they will still accept mail-in ballots through June 9th, so long as they are postmarked by June 2nd. But multiple councilmembers have complained that they were told that the agency would give more timely updates.

This isn’t just about being impatient to hear the results. Remember there’s another election in two weeks for Ward 2: the special election to fill the seat for the remainder of the year. Mail-in ballots are already out and voters are likely already sending them in. But they will not know for certain who will be the winner of the primary. So if you want continuity in the office (i.e. voting in the special election for the winner of the primary) you’ll have to wait.


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3 responses to “We Won’t Know Who Won the Primary for a While

  1. Pat Henry

    Can you please make it clear if there will need to be a runoff? Thank you.

  2. Topher

    DC doesn’t have a run-off system. The person with the most votes, no matter the overall percentage, will win.

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