Georgetown Time Machine: Northview

This week for Georgetown Time Machine, GM is checking out a photo awfully similar to the one from a few weeks back. Like that photo, it is from the summer of 1931 and of southwest Georgetown, but the camera was pointed more northward for today’s photo. For that reason it captured way more of neighborhood.

Go ahead and click on the photo above to see it in its full resolution glory. Here are some great details:

You can get a great view of the large Dempsey’s Boathouse that once stood between the Washington Canoe Club and the Aqueduct Bridge:

And upstream you can see a bunch more long-gone boathouses, including what looks like a full residential house on the left!:

To the west of the university there used to be a rambling collection of small farm houses:

37th St. just outside GU’s gates appears to have been just a dirt road at this point:

You can see Georgetown Visitation’s formerly larger footprint. It went right up to Reservoir Rd. until the mid 80s.

And you can see they used to have a couple farm plots:

There’s a great view of the gas station and homes that were where the Key Bridge Exxon once was:

There once was a rather attractive apartment building where the Washington International School is now:

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