The Scooters Have Learned to Swim

GM noticed an unusual sight at the Potomac last week: It looked like one of the electric scooters had learned to swim.

Actually that’s not what it is. It appears to be an electric powered personal hydrofoil, which is even more ridiculous. It can be yours for a mere $12,000.

GM actually saw one of these in a harbor on Block Island last summer, so perhaps they’re starting to become a “thing”. It’s would be somewhat understandable, because it looks fun as hell.

There is a 6 mph speed limit on the river above the Memorial Bridge, which is more about ensuring boats don’t kick up wakes. But this thing doesn’t create a wake even though it’s clearly going over 6 mph. Either way, having something moving that fast in a crowded area isn’t really safe. So hopefully it’s not just the beginning of a new wave.


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